Works in Progress Wednesday: Fox on the Run

This is the latest on the fox I’m working on. I’ve got one more red cuboid to finish in the top right corner. I’m masking the hexagon shapes and then using thick impasto paste to build up the paint. This provides a nice, clean edge to balance the chaotic nature of the shape’s texture and the main imagery of the piece. The shapes are derived from the cube, without any shading or line work to define edges. I haven’t titled the piece yet as titles usually come to me after I’ve finished a painting, but this one is part of a new series I’m working on. I’ve slowly morphed back into my thick and expressive movements phase while bringing shapes and patterns along with me. I’m enjoying this direction because the animals seem to have a different emotion than my tighter depictions of animals. Artistically, I’m focusing on surface treatment, examining push and pull of light and heavy textures and mark-making. Conceptually this approach could have more to discover with the swipes of the brush, variety of colors and highly texture paint.

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