Wish I Was Ocean Size

a large seagoing vessel

The rocky foothills slowly morphed into flat fields of lush green. Infinitely long irrigation pipes spewed water over the vegetation. The soil turned to sand. Everyone was anxious to see that deep blue bar between bright pastel houses on stilts. The ocean.

The gold of the summer sun beat down on the deck of the little 16 foot sailboat. Dad in is Izod shirt and adidas tennis shorts feverishly jostled seemingly random ropes to adjust the sail and the sun was behind us. 

The salt in the air filled our lungs.

Hums of nearby jet skis buzzed by creating mini tidal waves agains the bow of “Free Bird”. A beautiful creamy white bounced up and down in the murky waters with the rhythm of the waves.

Our day-glo orange life vests pierced everything around us.

Dad worked hard restoring that little sailboat that summer while I battled G.I. Joe against C.O.B.R.A.  The smell of resin from the fiberglass repairs filled our lungs.

It was a great summer.

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