Wise Cracker

“Wise Cracker” #gouache on paper #art #artforsale #owlart #owl #greathornedowl #surreal #kingdomoftheart

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“Wise Cracker” is one from my series called “Code Crackers”. This series deals specifically with the environmental issues of obtaining energy resources and the burden this puts on our fellow animals. Humans attempt to “crack the code” and solve the mystery of our finite resources through industrialized means that put our animal brethren and ourselves in jeopardy.

“Wise Cracker” features a realistically depicted great horned owl bust that drips into the stark white background. Four teal pyramids and one green wedge shape float at bottom which symbolized an industrialized world. A spray of lime green at the top of the piece represents the chaotic struggle of wildlife survival in the modern world. Signed, framed and ready to hang.

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