What’s In a Gift?

It is the thought that counts. No truer words could be spoken during this time of year when gift-giving is at its highest. We often stress ourselves out about finding the perfect gift. Some people on our list seem to have everything. Some less fortunate people could use some wants, but in reality they have needs. Giving a gift to someone in your circle (or not) is about thinking of that person. The process is about trying to see the other person’s point-of-view. Walking in their shoes, so to speak, and acknowledging their wants and needs. It is pulling ourselves out of our own lives for a moment and stepping back to see our friends and family from their perspective. This goes much deeper than our friends and family, because we then start to expand our minds to the whole world. This can be daunting and overwhelming, because we would love to give gifts to every single person in the world. This is why giving to charities is so popular around this time of year. It is the primal principle of showing love for someone else. Whether it is the newest Minecraft toy for your niece, helping someone rake leaves in their yard, a simple hug for someone going through a rough time, helping look after a friend’s cat over the holidays, or the coolest animal art for your best friend 🙂 – these all show unconditional love and thoughtfulness for fellow beings and ultimately, the world.

For those of you that still need some gifts, I have plenty of under $50 works of art that make great stocking stuffers for those in your circle. You can check out what is available in the shop here. Also if you are having trouble deciding, I have gift cards available here.




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