What Will It Be?

Out of the gates, the Animal heat was close between the bat and the raccoon. However, the opossum quickly took a substantial lead leaving the others in its rear view. The still lovable vulture and snake seemed to not even be in the race early on. They managed to gain a bit of momentum as the crossed sticks were raised (half-way mark) only to plateau as the opossum took the race when the checkered flag was flying.

The Party Favor heat was filled with excitement with all taking leads at various points. Ice Cream Cone and Vinyl Record carefully carved their way to the front with the latter winning by a nose.

The Colors heat was just as exciting as all had leads. The calm, cool, collected crowd pleaser, Teal, stayed the course down the stretch and won by a hair against Purple.

It is with great pleasure I present to you some sketches for the All Party Painting which will officially be titled “Weird All In This Together” It will be the lead piece for the entire series of the same name set to drop Tuesday, October 19th! 

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