What is the Devil’s Dozen?

Ahhhh, the baker’s dozen, aka the devil’s dozen. A devil’s dozen is 13, one more than a standard dozen. Lucky 13, right? Where does this come from? I have the answer below, but first I want to let you in on a secret. My new series, “Confectionery Outcasts” is just 4 days away from going live and I am absolutely stoked to share these fresh, fun, and celebratory paintings with you! The virtual live opening reception is on Instagram on July 15th at 6:00 p.m. (that’s Johnny Thunders’ birthday!) I have created a special Spotify playlist for you to listen to while we go live and I will unveil each painting, explaining a bit about the concept and process behind each piece. I will be answering any and all questions live as well. And finally, there will be a very special unveiling at the end of the reception!

There is a baker’s dozen of fresh out of the oven paintings to help you celebrate your curses. I am so excited about the series that I am sharing 3 paintings below as a special preview for you before they go live to the public and to give you a chance to put a hold on the one you want to bring home. (click on the image to view more details about the painting) No one else besides my wife and my son have laid eyeballs on these glorious paintings!

They have been slowly baking in my studio for the last few months. I have been painstakingly mixing and measuring the correct amount of ingredients. Piping skills have been laid with 1 hair brushes (that’s a tiny brush!). The kitchen that is my studio has exploded from too much rock n roll, too much paint, and an overload of gold along with pots and pans of paint and palette knives as icing spatulas thrown everywhere as I have blooded, sweated, and teared these confectionery celebrations together for you. Gold leaf has emblazoned the canvas as a sort of “glaze” to let the sun shine down and bring much needed fun, optimism, and louder love into your world. 

When you bite into a donut, do you feel cursed? When you see a bat, do you feel blessed? Bringing outcast animals and confections together shines humor and intrigue onto what it means to be perceived as a saint or a demon. So, celebrate your curses and you shall be saved! Shed the negative connotations of the norm, let’s turn that stereo up to 10, and party!

Stay gold and and get ready to party like it’s 1999,


p.s. below is the answer to the origins of the Devil’s Dozen 🙂

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