What Do You Find Bizarre?

Bizarre: strikingly out of the ordinary.

Ever since I can remember, I have been called weird. It never bothered me and in fact I sort of took pride in going against the grain and being the black sheep.

It’s not that I was weird for the sake of being weird, I think oddballness just spoke to me. (although there were times in my younger days I did certain thing to get attention – purple hair, anyone?)

I won’t lie, it was hard many times in my school days. People are taught to be fearful of things they do not understand. Eventually I found like-minded people that embraced and celebrated weirdness. “We ARE the weirdos, mister” and I “grew up” a bit too. Well as much as this guy can.

These days I like finding bizarreness outside of myself and in the wild. Like how male Dayak fruit bats (a little-known, small flying fox of Malaysia) can lactate. Or the presence of extremely long canine teeth on the Chinese Water Deer. And how a Panda Bear has a digestive system of a meat-eater, yet they are vegetarian and feed almost exclusively on bamboo chutes. Bonus: Be sure and look up the “harp sponge”.

All of this is one of the reasons you may find “hot pink” or tinges of a bright teal and nuances of purples in animals that for all intents and purposes should just be brown or black. But I so “see” these colors. I love discovering the little bizarres in the animal.

So tell me, What Do You Find Bizarre?

One of my beloved wildlife sanctuaries here in Athens, Bear Hollow Zoo, could use some relief. They are in desperate need of major facility upgrades. From today until June 30th 30% of all art sale proceeds will be donated to Friends of Bear Hollow.

The Friends of Bear Hollow, Inc. is a nonprofit group of volunteers dedicated to supporting Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail (aka Bear Hollow Zoo) through fundraising and outreach. Friends of Bear Hollow believes in the zoo’s mission of conservation through education with native, non-releasable wildlife. You can read more about them at https://friendsofbearhollow.org/.

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