What Do I Do When I Am Not Painting Bats?

When I’m not painting portraits of bats moonlighting as rockstars or the partying antics of opossums, you can sometimes find me out in the wild, applying pigment to the walls of local businesses and other public spaces. This summer, I had the honor of jazzing up La Parilla in Watkinsville, Georgia with some wall designs and a bathroom corridor mural – my third masterpiece for them! 

They came to me wanting Mexican Otomi-inspired flora and fauna, and though stylistically it’s a bit different, it does involve vibrant colors and animals. The designer and owners are an absolute pleasure to work with, so I asked myself “Why, not?” Plus I got to sneak in a bat and opossum into the mix. Here are some snapshots of the wild ride I thought you’d get a kick out of.

fangs and all,


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