Walk, Don’t Run

Around here in the Athens, GA area it looks as though winter has finally pulled up a chair and is going to stay a while. I just got back from a brisk walk with our dog Mr. Furley (named after Don Knotts’ character on Three’s Company) I’ve been doing this ritual for just under a month. It gives me time to ponder and meditate. It’s a great time for me to take mental notes, go over ideas in my head and even catch some wildlife. Of course, Mr. Furley doesn’t seem to mind either. The benefits of even a simple walk are pretty tremendous. As I spend hours at a time at the easel or hunched over at the coffee table in our living room, my back has been signaling to me, “Hey jerk! Get out and get some movement!” Many a time I have woken up with a crick in my back or neck, and went for a 30 min walk that helped work it out. Physical benefits to me and Mr. Furley aside, there’s a special bond that is sealed when you walk your dog on a regular basis. Here’s a great article on it: http://animalfoundation.com/the-importance-of-walking-your-dog/


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