Unveiling the Magic: What’s in a Custom Animal Portrait?

Canis familiaris – my first subject to paint in a long and vast area that is animals. I have been painting animal portraits for 25 years. The first was a memorial of my mom’s sweet dog, Bib. A curly cocka-poo mix with a mid-energy demeanor and fun loving personality. Over the years I have come across so many wonderfully sweet faces of dogs, cats, and even ferrets. All of the stories of these enriching faces are tattooed in my mind: Snuggle toothed terriers, lop-eared German Shepherds, under-bitten Shi-tzus, and spooky-green eyed felines. 

The portraits I paint are deeper than the sweet face. The portraits are a reminder and celebration of the animal companion and all of the truly exceptional memories. They also are a link to my own past. Painting custom animal portraits is a direct connection to my dad and mom. A reflection of my own childhood and the countless bonds I have had with animals over the years. All of the joy and pain of human guardianship is wrapped up in one tangible image of colorful brushstrokes and textures. I will never tire of capturing someone’s beloved animal companion. It is as cathartic for me as it is for the client. I take much pride and passion with every custom portrait that comes to the easel. I love to hear the stories, funny idiosyncrasies, and favorite treats about the pet while painting. With each brushstroke I reminisce how attentive and fun my own father was with his clients’ pets.

Below are some recent portraits that I thought you might enjoy. The first one below is dear Shelby. I recently completed this portrait as a surprise for a family member going overseas for work. His immediate family reached out to me to complete this sweet mug (with 24k goldleaf) as a surprise at his going away party about a month ago. I was happy to oblige and although I was personally unable to attend, the portrait was a hit and now sits with said him at his desk far from home. I imagine the portrait is both a celebration of his dog as well as his hometown and family.

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