Underway Wednesday: Vanishing Silhouettes

The brand new paintings from my “Vanishing Silhouettes” series are finished. This is an ongoing series that I have been doing for about 8 months. The idea behind this series is to simplify the imagery of animal. This effect places focus on the individual animal to bring awareness of the animal’s attempt to survive in the modern world. Placed against a strong contrasting background furthers this effect. Many animal species have become faceless commodities in the modern world and this series addresses that concern. Visually, the pieces offer hope for the animal kingdom by expressing its tenacity through color. I use vibrant colors to express the vigor and persistence of wildlife which contrasts heavily with the stark black surrounding. This series visually simplifies my recurring theme of the push and pull between nature and technology.

You may have noticed that this series is a little different than my other work. There are no geometric shapes and the animals are not depicted as three dimensional forms. However, the underlying theme is still there. This series offers a different approach. I discovered a new color combination for these pieces while I was experimenting. I also added some new animal species to the series. This new work will be on display at KA Artist Shop’s Spring Showcase tomorrow night from 7-9 p.m. My work will be along side some of Athens’ finest artists.

Next week I will post the finished pieces from my last series, “The Hunt is Forever”. Be sure and stop by again to see these handsome new pieces. Also don’t forget, tomorrow I will be back with “Your Animals” requests. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to play along.

featured image:
“Hyla 1” by Will Eskridge
spray paint on wood
5×7 inches
on display at KA Artist Shop

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