Underway Wednesday: Riding the Line

The pull of mixed media is strong. I consider myself a painter first and foremost, but I do so love exploring. Artists must evolve while still holding true to their roots. As I delve more and more into objects and assemblage I still hold on to my formal painting background. Even some of my pieces that teeter between painting and wall sculpture, deep down I consider them paintings. That’s probably not good for marketing, but I have always enjoyed riding the line. Maybe I am a sculptor in a painter’s body. Maybe I am a classic artist trapped inside a contemporary’s mind. I haven’t figured that out yet and probably never will. But I do know one thing: Color, form, composition and technique are my passion and materials are my vehicle. Let’s put it all together…

featured artwork:
“Into the Wild”
mixed media assemblage
8 x 8 x 3.75 inches
will be on display at Hotel Indigo’s “Tiny Universe 2” group exhibit (Sept. 29 – Dec. 23, 2016)

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