Underway Wednesday: Painting With Light

Right around the corner is my solo show at The World Famous here in Athens, GA. It’s summer and one of the main things I always think about during this time is the ocean. There is nothing like the salty breeze, the hot sun, and body surfing in the waves. There is also more sunlight during the summer allowing for longer days. This has allowed me to experiment with one of the oldest and smallest carbon footprint forms of photography: the cyanotype. Two chemicals are mixed and brushed onto paper, a negative or objects are placed on the paper and is then exposed to the sun. After washed and dried, the final piece is a wonderful work of monochromatic art filled with rich blues. Side note: If a negative is used, it is technically a cyanotype photograph. If objects are used, it is a photogram. (see my featured image on this post for an example)

An English scientist, John Hershel discovered the cyanotype process around 1842 and the process continued well into the 20th century, most commonly used for architecture blueprints. A year later, Anna Atkins used the cyanotype photogram process to document various ferns and seaweed. My current style of art revolving around silhouettes lends itself quite well for this process. I have been using my animal silhouettes mixed with a variety of light diffusing materials to make these pieces. For my show, “Deep Blue“, which will open on August 7th, I am focusing the imagery on ocean-themed animals using only plant clippings from my backyard. This present the challenge of finding material in the yard that can be arranged to resemble the plethora of sea creatures. I hope you will join me on August 7th at The World Famous to experience this new body of work. Bonus: My surf/garage band, Forbidden Waves, will be performing to provide auditory delight. So come on out and celebrate summer!

feature image:
“On The Verge”
cyanotype photogram
8×10 inches

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