Underway Wednesday: The Outpost

I love painting. It is my one true artistic love. Ever since I first got my fingers wet with finger paints in pre-school, I have had a close affinity with color and moving pigment around on substrate. I used acrylics in high school and was introduced to oils in college. The last few weeks I have kept you up to date with my painting series, the “Hunt is Forever” which features animals in action along with gilded gold geometric shapes. I am very excited about this new series and can not wait to unleash this new series of paintings for you in its entirety soon.

However, I want to use this update to introduce to you one of my other artistic sides. Sculpture. Painting is my main forte, but I explore many other mediums: Sculpture, mixed media, sound and even filmmaking. As a working creative, I have many things on the stove, so to speak, at the same time. Switching a small pot on the back-burner to the front and vice versa. Add a little dash of something to this pan over here and even throwing in what was in that pot into this other pot. Always something going on. I try and take what I learn and explore from one form of art and use it in one of my others. Exploring the gesture of the animals in my paintings and how that can translate into expressive lines in sculpture. Keeping the rhythm of the drips in my paintings and how that would work in sound or film. It is a back and forth.

Right now I am working on a sculpture for an art installation that I will be presenting at The Bulldog Inn Art Show on April 22nd. The installation will consist of 13 or so of one particular form, looped movie projection, sound and of course, some 2 dimensional paintings. I hope you will join me and the surrealistic other creatives for this one night only event which is sure to fill your dreams with artistic excellence and wonder!

Can you guess what animal this is going to be?

featured image:
sculpture armature for untitled installation (in progress)

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