Underway Wednesday: The Hunt Is Forever

A couple of weeks ago I had shared with you about my move towards some more energetic and “in action” depictions of animals. I finished a drawing of a red fox in mid-jump for an online show with the Contemporary Art Museum of Leipzig. The show is titled “Diamonds Are Forever” so I made the proverbial geometric shape in my piece be the shape of a diamond. This piece is titled “The Hunt is Forever”. I really enjoy the energetic and expressive lines emanating from the diamond shape. The juxtaposition of these natural and organic lines next to the hard edge of the diamond shape offer a nice contrast. This in turn works well with the dreaminess of the landscape as well as the soft approach to the depiction of the fox. This piece is the catalyst for a new series that I will be working on for the next month. The series will incorporate both drawing and painting as I intend to infuse more energy and expression into these new works. Stay tuned for upcoming works in progress.

featured art:
“The Hunt is Forever”
graphite on Arches Hot Pressed Paper
210 mm x 297 mm (A4)

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piece.

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