Underway Wednesday: Gold Leaf

My new painting series is coming along slowly, but surely. This series will be based on “The Hunt is Forever” drawing that I posted last week. This will most likely be the name of the series, but I am still deciding. I am a bit of an over-planner at times and this series is proving to be very process heavy, which I love. Since these will be mixed media and I am working with a new material (gold leaf), there is definitely an order to the process. It took some planning, but I’ve got the order finalized. I have started two preliminary paintings for the series and they are shaping up. The first layer is the background landscape. Next, I mask the rectangular shape and spray paint the “glow” emanating from the shape. After this is dry and removing the mask, I carefully apply glue and start gilding the shape with the gold leaf. The last step is to paint the in-action animal above the geometric shape. With the animal, I will be approaching with a looser hand with gestural and expressive mark making to add energy and emotion to contrast the stiffness of the geometric shape.

featured image: close-up of gold leaf with spray paint glow (as-of-yet titled piece)

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