Underway Wednesday: Until the Engine

A source of honor and necessity in many cultures, the horse is thought to have been primarily domesticated around 4,000 years ago by Asian nomads. The horse was essential to many human societies until the invention of the engine. The horse is still regarded as a noble creature and is a companion to many humans today.

These pieces are starting to shape up. The action in the animals is really speaking to me and I am thrilled with the direction of the geometric shapes. This piece is titled Until the Engine. It is the second preliminary piece in this series and is a great sister piece to The HuntI used a lesser grade gold leaf (which is still pricey and a bit of a bear to apply) on these two works. For the remainder of the series, I will be gilding using 23 karat gold leaf. This is all I can reveal at this moment for the new series, but stay tuned. Next week be sure and catch what work I have been working on outside of this series. I am ramping up other works to hit the road again in April for some markets and I am carving out a piece for an installation at the Bulldog Inn Annual Art Show.

featured image:

“Until the Engine” by Will Eskridge

acrylic and gold leaf on wood

7.125 x 12 inches


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