Two Years

Two years ago I took the plunge. The previous 15 years or so I sat in front of a computer doing graphic design for various companies while pursuing my true passion of painting and art-making in the evenings and on the weekends. Two years ago, this day was the last day of my 9-6 office life. I still take on odd jobs when I can and need to fill in the blanks of course, but my days are filled working in the studio, sending submissions to galleries, traveling to art markets, etc. I live, breathe, and bleed art. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner.

This painting, “Dawn of Man”, was the first painting I completed as a full-time artist. I had set up in the living room because the studio was too cold.  “Hawaii Five-O” was playing in the background on the television and I worked on the painting all day. My mind, body, and soul were filled with a sense of euphoria. It all felt “right”.

Thank you to everyone who have liked my work, come to receptions, asked questions, purchased work and overall believed in me and my art. It has not been easy by far, but many doors have opened and I am doing what is in my heart and thankfully I have the means to do so. Love you all.

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