To the Marrow: A Labor of Love

What a week!

My body is sore. Sore to the bone. To the marrow. But it’s a good sore. Like an old friend over for a cup of tea and cake. (That would be Earl Grey and a slice of German Chocolate) I have been up and down ladders so many times, I think I have been clocking twice my daily goal of steps everyday this week. A labor of love is still happening at 455 Vincent Drive right here in Athens. That Georgia heat hit something fierce too. No tears yet, but there has been blood (sliced my finger with the utility knife) and lots of sweat. Lots and lots of sweat. 

In a bit of continuation from last week’s “A Painter’s House“, the art studio is getting a new ‘do. After almost 14 years, the art studio is being updated with new siding, trim, and a fresh coat of paint, plus a new mural (to be revealed at the Backyard Bonanza) 

14 years ago, I finally fulfilled one of my life long dreams which was to have my very own art studio. It first started out as a super nice shed. Over the years I have added to it to bring it to its full potential: insulation in the walls, electricity, drywall, etc. So much happens and has happened in this studio. It has been a minute since anything major has been done and I have been wanting proper siding and fresh paint since day one. Well that day has finally come.

I wanted to share just a few progress photos from this week. As well as a new test painting I’m in the middle of working out. Can you guess what animal it is? Check out the photos below.

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