They Came For Silver

Huge flakes of snow were falling, but the coffee was warm. The art market was cozy as patrons braved the winter weather to take home some unique art. I had my jigsaw puzzles by the amazing Very Good Puzzle company on display. The painting in puzzle form is “They Came For Silver”. I have heard rumblings what good challenge it is, especially the turquoise area. 

She walked up admiring my work and recognizing the puzzle. She told me about the hours spent putting the puzzle together and how often she had looked at the image of the painting over and over.

Intrigued, she inquired if the original was still available. “It is!” We chatted about price and payment, and she said she would think about it. The next day I received a very nice email from her asking if she could come to my studio to see the painting in person. I emailed her back and told her I would be happy to bring the painting to her so she could experience it in her own space and we agreed on a time. “Arrived” my phone told me as I pulled up to the lovely mid-century home. After meeting their 3 amazing dogs, we chatted about their freshly renovated mid-40’s ranch and viewed some of the other wonderful art they have collected.

 We went back to the kitchen to reveal the painting and her face just filled with joy. I smiled along with her. We discussed my painting process, as she pointed out the spots on the painting where the puzzle had given her trouble. We talked about color depth and she loved (but hadn’t first realized) that there was silver leaf in the painting. The hot pink underpainting that peeked through in the turquoise area was new to her as well. And like that, “They Came For Silver” found its forever home.

I am so thrilled and thankful to be able to celebrate the louder love of animals with my new friends. I can’t imagine a better home than these wonderful people. The vibe was great the minute they walked up to my booth at that cozy market where the snow flakes fell.

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