There’s No One Like You

You are a unique individual who surrounds yourself with unique people and I love you for that. Ironically, being unique is what brings us all together because we are all unique. No two people have the exact same experiences and influences. Uniqueness is expressed in many ways and is what makes this world a better place. Isn’t life fun?!

Why not celebrate these wonderful qualities by giving the ultimate unique gift of one-of-a-kind original art? Commissions are still open for just a little bit longer to ensure holiday completion and delivery. Paintings can be of a loved one’s pet with their favorite toy or treat to capture the pure essence and personality of your beloved pet. Pet portraits aren’t the only commissioned paintings I offer – Fun and eccentric wildlife portraits are also available! Pick your favorite wildlife animal (may I suggest a bat 🙂 and your favorite party item (pizza, donut, vinyl records, etc.) can liven you or a loved ones surroundings. Tell me your ideas and let’s talk!

Stay unique,


p.s. Psssssttt! You can also pass this message along to that someone who needs help on deciding what to get YOU for a gift! You deserve it!

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