The Power of Pink

Pink soothes and calms. In psychology, pink symbolizes hope. Studies have proven to calm nerves and has even been used in prisons to settle down inmates during violent and aggressive outbursts. Pink relates to unconditional love both receiving and giving. It is a mixture of red and white. Red symbolizes passion, while white represents peace. So you could say pink is the color for passionate peace.

I am a fan of pink for these reasons and others that I am still discovering. In my paintings, pink is used partly as a formality. It works extremely well against dark and complimentary colors. Against a gray or green, it pops out as a pleasant uplifting juxtaposition. I sometimes use it sparingly in highlights of animals as a reminder of the compassion animals possess.

Pink shows sensitivity and empathy while alleviating anger, resentment, and neglect. It is a reminder to be compassionate and nurturing.

Some pink can also be bold and “loud” while still retaining these underlying notions of love. These types of pink tend to have a little more red and even blues in the mix to be a slightly “cooler” hue.

What do you think? How does the color pink affect you?

featured art:
oil on canvas
36 x 36 inches
Bring this painting into your space today!

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