The Place to Be on Any Given Night

The muffled thump of Rikki Rockett’s drums and Bobby Dall’s bass was itching to bust through the front door. As the door opened, Poison’s “Nothin’ But a Good Time” blew us back like that guy in the Memorex commercial. The smell of hot buttered popcorn and pizza slightly outshined the pungent staleness of 100s of used roller skates on racks. Similar to the bowling lanes over on Highway 74. A handful of arcade games and The Claw hung out in the corners. 

Kate’s Skating Rink was THE place to be any given night of the week. It was inevitably someone’s birthday in the private room. Cake and ice cream was coming out to be served soon. Ahhh, but that disco ball. Reflecting the infinite distorted squares of colors across the entire rink! Spinning to the music as pro skaters going backwards buzzed by us amateurs as if trying to catch those distorted squares. We travelled carefully and methodically. We’re we trying to walk or skate? Never mind that! Will so-and-so be here tonight? I hope so! What will the DJ spin tonight over that giant PA? The anticipation and excitement of it all was almost like Christmas. 

These are my memories that filled me with celebration as I completed my latest mural at Fun Galaxy earlier this week. Six months of planning finally came to fruition for this project and I am both grateful and proud of this beast of a mural (my largest mural to date)

Working on this brought up all my wonderful memories of going to the local rink when I was younger. What about you? Do you have any fun stories of your local skating rink? I’d love to hear them!

Hit Single Roller Skate Yellow original painting

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