The Pink Sky Rises (Part One) Get Ready

This past week has been an exercise in transition. I turned 46 years young, The Wolfman (kid) started Pre-K (I cried during my workout that day), and I finished up another mural for the wonderful folks at Agua Linda. 6:15 a.m. is now my awakening. This has been a challenge as I am a night owl, but not as terrible as I had anticipated. I am used to getting up around 8:00 normally. Marie gets ready for work while I whisper “hear comes the spider” (mom used to do this to me) to wake up The Wolfman from his slumber. Marie is out the door while Doc and I get ready to head out. We listen to music and sing together as the pink sky rises. Right now its either Ramones or Into the Spiderverse soundtrack. “I love you buddy, have a good day”. He repeats what I say and then I head back home to hit the studio!

All was going well for two whole days until this past Friday (3rd day of school) when The Wolfman managed to play hooky. He claimed to have a tummy ache upon arriving at his school. My plans for Friday were shot. I broke off from my morning workout to go pick him up. Once we got back to the house I squeezed the truth out of him. There was no tummy ache. He flat out told me he just wanted to lay in bed and watch TV. As I gathered my supplies into the van to get ready for my work on the mural, I told him he could either help me on the mural or I could take him back to school. (I was determined to stand by my work plans) He chose the former…

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