The Lion Sleeps

Expression is a physical manifestation of and a means of communicating our inner emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Most of us express through talking, body language, and even texting.

In art, expression is a visual representation of these inner abstractions. Brush marks can be painterly and “expressive” meaning the emotion in the subject is expressed through the actual strokes of the brush or pencil. Distortion and exaggerated marks are used to accentuate for emotional effect.

The original art movement, Expressionism (or more precise German Expressionism) began just prior to World War II and flourished in Germany, although the schools included artists from other countries.

Today, expressionism still continues on through various contemporary artists’ works, including my own. My work has often blended impressionism and expressionism from time to time. I have recently revisited my own expressionistic approaches with my work. Check out this recently completed piece, “The Lion Sleeps”. What kind of emotion is being expressed through the brush strokes? Are there other elements of the piece that contribute to the expressiveness other than brush strokes?

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