The Lonely Evenings Are Cool As Ice Cream

Years ago my family took a trip out west to Arizona. Truly one of the most beautiful areas in the states. At the airport, I remember walking outside for the first time and the moment those doors opened to get into the cab, that first wave of heat hit my face as though the sun itself had landed right in front of me.

There are wonderful colors throughout the desert. Not only ochres, reds, and browns, but hidden greens, blues, and purples. (There’s even a section called “The Painted Desert”) My first time visiting, my eyes could hardly believe it. Million year-old rock and sediment are layered through the landscapes. Succulents and cacti hang out to soak up the blazing sun and hold on to every microscopic ounce of moisture. 

The evenings are cool as ice cream. The countless stars sprinkle the sky with flickering wonder. I never knew how vast both land and sky could be. 

Fun fact: Antarctica is a desert

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