The Curiosity of Layers

Humans have evolved to discover, explore and find meaning in the universe. Layers can be physical, abstract or both. Layers give deeper meaning to the subtle nuances around us. An initial curiosity sparked the fire to seek out and search what this life is all about. Whether it is through spirituality, science, personal growth, nature or the stars, we all seek to find worth and value in this life. Layers allow us to keep searching. They allow us to seek truth and understanding. They allow us to not settle upon face value, like a book. Layers are the essence of a multi-dimensional world in which we exist. There is more going on underneath than what we perceive. The full story is there, under the cover. Layers brings us out of the present by revealing the past as well as the possibilities of the future. The curiosity of layers allows us to discover the fact that a wolf showing its teeth may not be smiling. Or that a wolf yawning my not be tired, but nervous. That a wolf howls not just because it is lonely. Some layers are harder to see through than others, but the first step is to acknowledge that there are layers.

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