Dylan M.

“My siblings and I reached out to Will with less than two weeks before Mother’s Day to inquire about a portrait we wanted him to create of a pet cat we had recently lost as a gift for our mother. His responses were always prompt and timely. When Will confirmed he would be able to do the portrait, I sent him 5 photos of the cat, all showing specific physical characteristics we wanted the one portrait to contain (example: green eyes, specific fur color, big ears, pointed paws), all characteristics that made our pet unique. Will took all the information given and completed a perfect portrait of our pet in a very timely manner. Will was able to take the information, complete the portrait, and mail it all with less than two weeks before Mother’s Day and it arrived three days prior. Wills is 100 percent reliable and amazingly talented with his ability to take so many small details and combine them into one portrait. Our mother cried when she opened the gift and said “oh my god. It looks like she’s about to walk right out of the portrait.” If you are even thinking about getting a pet portrait, or animal portrait, Will is your guy. I wish I could give more than 6 stars but google only allows 5. The final product was perfect.”

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