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No Canyon Too Deep

rough: a. Having a surface marked by irregularities, protuberances, or ridges; not smooth. b. Unpleasant or difficult. No city was too hot. No canyon too deep. But the coyote was alone. Roaming the darkest alleyway to the driest mesa.  Trekking across the land, the coyote accepted each obstacle as a new challenge, adapting to the surroundings.  The lone coyote’s paws were blistered by hot asphalt and earth. Marked and bruised from the

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Could You, Would You?

wood: the hard fibrous substance consisting basically of xylem that makes up the greater part of the stems, branches, and roots of trees or shrubs beneath the bark and is found to a limited extent in herbaceous plants. Could you imagine a world without wood? Wood has been one of our most important materials from early

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Will Eskridge Paint-o-Matic

Paint-o-Matic is here!

You have been wanting a Will Eskridge original for some time now. That drab wall is begging for a new piece of original art to amplify your space. Make a statement with a thought-provoking piece that celebrates the animal kingdom. Discover the possibilities with my Paint-O-Matic customizer. You get to decide which animal. You get

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