Will Eskridge Paint-o-Matic

Paint-o-Matic is here!

You have been wanting a Will Eskridge original for some time now. That drab wall is begging for a new piece of original art to amplify your space. Make a statement with a thought-provoking piece that celebrates the animal kingdom. Discover the possibilities with my Paint-O-Matic customizer. You get to decide which animal. You get […]

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This is Jazz

This is “Jazz”. I just hand delivered it to a young collector couple who purchased one of my expressive bear camper paintings a few weeks ago. One of them is a drummer and commissioned me to do a painting of a classic jazz drum kit. Having been a drummer for 25 years, ironically I have

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Tattoo Design Commission animal art Will Eskridge

Antlers and Flowers

My friend, art collector and writer Jordan Rothacker commissioned me to do a piece for a new tattoo he is getting on his arm. Jordan had the idea of wanting just deer antlers with flowers intermingled. We met at local favorite Old Pal, had a beer and discussed antlers and flowers. I sketched each flower

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★ Horns of Plenty ★

NOVEMBER 2013 Hallo meine Freunde und Familie! You’ll notice some changes to this month’s newsletter. I’ve decided to change some things around a bit to hopefully keep you all interested and not overwhelmed with info. I’ve dropped the sections and decided to keep the newsletter focused on a single subject or piece of artwork. I’ll

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