childhood memories

Topsail Island House I beach ocean coastal painting Will Eskridge

Wish I Was Ocean Size

ship:a large seagoing vessel The rocky foothills slowly morphed into flat fields of lush green. Infinitely long irrigation pipes spewed water over the vegetation. The soil turned to sand. Everyone was anxious to see that deep blue bar between bright pastel houses on stilts. The ocean. The gold of the summer sun beat down on the deck […]

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Mexican Fire Barrel 2 cactus succulent plant painting botanical art Will Eskridge

Sonny Crockett Never Had It So Good

highway a. A main public road, especially one connecting towns and cities. When I was young, someone told me towns were separated by roughly a 15 minute car drive. They also told me this equates to a day’s travel by horse. Towns were established this far apart way back when so people would not have to survive long without provisions or lodging.  It was dusk and I remember looking back and forth

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