Tacos Or Burritos: What A Bat You?

It’s an honest to god dilemma. A nearly impossible choice. But it must be made. It’s like asking a bear to choose between honey or sleeping.

Taco or Burrito?

How do you choose? I freeze every time I have to choose between two such delectable lunches. I love gently unwrapping the tin foil on a So-Cal soda can burrito, but man oh man, the crack of a crunchy taco simply satiates that primal need. Both are filled with an assortment of proteins and veggies and topped with sour cream and guacamole, if you fancy. It’s got to be a more visceral choice as opposed to taste, right?

Most of my decisions are made on my inability to make a decision. This chronic indecision most likely stems for my OCD (yep, I was clinically diagnosed with OCD about 20 years ago). After what seems like endless pondering, I usually end up choosing what initially came to mind from my gut. Nevertheless even those of us without often debilitating decision-making issues can sweat bullets when trying to decide between a taco or a burrito.

What a bat you? Do you have a good old fashioned standby which makes it a no contest? Which is it, taco or burrito?

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