Have You Met the Strongest Shape in the Universe?

I hope you are staying safe as we all hunker down in our homes during this time. We are all experiencing a truly extraordinary moment in life. It is important to stay strong as we retreat to our homes and immediate family. Strength is what I have to give to you right now. In fact I give you the strongest shape in the universe: The Triangle.

A triangle is a 3-sided polygon with three sides and three angles. Triangles come in many different varieties. You’ve got your scalene, your equilateral, your isosceles, your right-angled. You’ve got your acute and obtuse. All of these have vary degrees (pun intended) of angles and lengths of sides. But all triangles have one thing in common (apart from having three sides): they are stable.

Let’s take a square. Suppose I take some wood and install hinges each of the four corners. You will quickly see how the square quickly transforms into a parallelogram and collapses. 

No matter what variety, for a triangle this is simply impossible. It is inherently stable. Every other polygon is not rigid and this is why you see triangles all over the world. Take a look around. Where do you see triangles? Cranes? Check. Bridges? Check. Electrical towers? Check. Louder Love Paintings by Will Eskridge? Check. 🙂

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