Standing On the Corner in Winslow, Arizona

This new series of paintings takes on more meaning as the desert is one of mom (and dad’s) favorite places to visit. While working in the studio on these pieces, my heart, mind and soul have been reaching back to our family trips out west. The vast beauty of the desert seem to go on forever. I wish the trips could have followed suit, instead these paintings will. Photos from our trips were used as reference material and conjure up the experience. My dad was always a good one for a joke and I am pretty sure his favorite thing was making others laugh.

Echoes of my Dad singing standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona… to The Eagles’ “Take it Easy” subtly ring in my ears and remind me to indeed, take it easy. Dad had many layers as we all do. A jokester with a big heart. A walking smile as someone once put it, but was a tiger when backed into a corner (he would put his foot down when the ocassion arised). Overall I think he was a folk hippie at heart or at least longed to be which led to his compassion and kindness. 

Take it easy,


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