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I am often asked if I ever do commissioned work. I do love to create unique pet portraits with their favorite treat or toy hovering above like a halo. It is fun to work with collectors who have wonderful memories and stories revolving around their fuzzy companions.

Recently I finished a commission for the owners of a local eclectic brewery near Athens, GA. The name of their brewery is Strange Duck and is an absolute treasure trove of quirky, weirdo, and colorful fun. Right up my alley. 

The owners came to me with a desire to exude their aesthetic, history, and mission. They met in New England and developed an affinity for the Muscovy Duck because of its strange appearance. The love of beer brewed as well as they dreamt of having a family oriented hang out for like minded folks. Fast forward a couple of years and they run a stunning brewery just off the main highway complete with their second main attraction: completely restored putt-putt gold course. There’s also a tasting room, art gallery, arcade games, a stunning outdoor sprawl with custom murals, painted school busses, and a soon to be go-cart/BMX bike track all featuring vibrant colors that most likely can be seen from outer space.

One of the requests was to include a putt-putt club and a special beer glass I had never seen before. They call it the “rad” glass and I was hooked. My job as the artist was to embody all of these lovely elements to capture the owners’ vibe. You can see the final painting above. A month later I was at the brewery to complete a mural on the premises and noticed they had the painting prominently displayed just by the door to the outdoor patio. A reminder to all that it’s okay to be a little strange.

Interested in a commissioned painting? Hit me up!

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