Something To Sink Your Teeth Into

A lot happens in a year. And yet it can pass as swift as light. I turned 47 a few weeks ago. Whaaa-47! Pretty cool. My wife has begun a tradition of giving me a new pair of spankin’ new Dickies painter’s overalls for my birthday. Check out the photo from last year on the left (with fresh overalls) and the photo exactly one year later on the right. Anything changed? 🙂

I spend a lot of time pontificating where things have been and where things are going. Trash is often on my mind being a big trash panda and trash cat fan. I reuse and recycle in my art when and where I can. For shipping paintings, I have switched from using recycled bubble wrap (and even compostable bubble wrap which I can no longer find a good source) to the more sustainable and just as good, packing paper. My brushes are used until they break and I duck tape them back together. I have even used my dogs fur and my own hair to make brushes. If a painting isn’t quite right or is from way back and never found its home, I often paint over it and start a fresh. 

Take for instance this trash can and recycle bin stash area. I grabbed some old fence boards from my neighbor’s house (with permission) that were going to be thrown out. I made a cover area to hide the bins using the old boards, old 2×4″s, old lashing wire as well as old fence stakes. To top it off, I painted a fun mini mural of a raccoon gazing up at a donut in all its glory. Check out the time lapse video below :video preview

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