Shoreline Serenity: Embracing the Healing Power of Beach Negative Ions

There is nothing quite as revitalizing as a trip to the ol’ coast. We just got back from a much needed beach vacation to our favorite coastal spot, Sunset Beach, NC. I feel rejuvenated, having soaked up all the negative ions and grounding (the practice of direct skin with the surface of the earth). While enjoying watching Doc build sand castles, roll around in the tides, and eat ice cream, I sat back under our canopy, sketching and doing a little plein air painting. Catching all the colors that surf through the air, sand, and sea. What a miraculous place, the beach. Pops of neon from bathing suits and umbrellas strewn through the panorama of salt life. The place we regularly stay is just down from the pier. My god, the pier. This has to be one of human’s best inventions. The late night rounds of “Skeeball” and “OutRun” at the arcade on the pavillion are followed by a waffle-coned scoop of ice cream or a bag of hot pink cotton candy. A gentle stroll the entire length of the pier is on tap. You have to go all the way to the end where lone late night fishermen are half meditating/half hoping to make their catches. The waves are slower. And softer. But larger and somehow more intimidating. Still. There is an overall calmness. The long sea is both asleep, yet very much awake. The summer wind sweeps up moisture and salt off the ocean’s surface to finely spray your skin for a brief cooling effect. The sea, as the night, seems to go on forever.​Grab a bag of cotton candy,Will

P.S. I thought I would share with you some of the sketches and studies with you from this wonderful trip. Check it all out below (with impromptu real beach sand and salt that blew in as I painted)

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