Rebirth to Refresh

rebirth: a new or second birth

Back in school, did you ever lose a term paper or essay? You know, one of those papers you were pushing hard to get an A? Long days and nights and determination poured into that paper. Then the unthinkable happens. After 2 day break, you are eager to work on it and gasp! It is gone. No where to be found. After hours of searching to no avail, the dread reared its ugly head: You had to start over. If you could muster through and see it through, your new started-over paper was a hundred times better than the one lost to the gods. (At least that’s what you told yourself, but hey you still got an A-, right? B+?)

Well dear explorers, this is the case of the lost journal. I have had to start over. I obtained a mini journal that I can keep in my back pocket (the lost journal could not do this). It has been actually quite refreshing. My mind feels like that first glass of purified spring water in the morning. I was already on the verge of a rebirth with my work and approach to life. It was time for a new beginning. 

With this, I am extremely thrilled to give you “Central Nervous Breakdown”. A new series of brightly and bold colored expressive paintings on the verge of abstraction. There will be a pop-up show (one night only!) at Athens’ fresh new gallery TinyATH Gallery, 174 Cleveland Avenue. The reception will be held September 6 from 6-9 p.m. Please check out the official flyer below and share with your friends!

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