Random Beautiful Evenings

Marie, The Wolfman, and I just got back from a spontaneous day trip up to Hiawassee, Georgia. It’s up in the mountains, almost to Tennessee. The morning was filled with mural work and I spent the rest of the morning doing massive updating to the website, so I decided to take the afternoon off.

Two hours north in the mountains, we caught some delicious Mexican cuisine (at a local brewery, no less) and then hiked a little over half a mile to the top. I had no idea what to expect as Marie had scoped out this place before heading out on our impromptu trek. 

We made it to the top! Unfiltered joy in the form of cool sweat blanketed my body as we looked upon the structure that laid upon my eyes. This ecstatic feeling took me back to the days of hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail. A stunning 70’s style look-out tower like something out of “Star Wars” crossed with the radio tower lighthouse from John Carpenter’s “The Fog” blew me away. These structures slowly silhouetted, while the sun took its sweet time fading into the purple and orange band of distant clouds. 

The Wolfman told a scary story complete with his flashlight under his face while Marie snapped photos of the impressionistic sunset and moon. Once the Prussian blues of nocturne took over, we hiked down from the lookout, keeping our eyes and ears open for any night time creatures. The Wolfman passed out on the ride home as we rolled in about midnight. I managed to snap some decent photos from the evening and I will be hard pressed not to use them as inspiration for some future paintings. (You can check some out below) It was a beautiful random evening 

Speaking of beautiful random evenings, I have unleashed select paintings from the Desserted Deserts series as museum quality archival prints. Head over to the updated website and grab one or two (they really complement one another together) 

here’s to beautiful random evenings,


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