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Wicked Wavelengths epic cassette tape with bat unique painting


36×48 inches
acrylic on canvas

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The epic drives to the beach seemed to take forever. As lovely as it was watching the landscape slowly flatten, “Are We There Yet?” echoed through the car every time a lonely gas station on the side of the road passed by. Dad would respond “Just over the next hill…” 

With the Walkman by my side, I would pop that cassette in and play entire albums back to back as the rocky foothills of middle North Carolina gently morphed into horizontal rows of soybean farms and eventually sandy flats of the coast. The skies opened up wider and wider. Countless other travelers passed by never to be met nor seen again. “I wonder where they are going? Off to the beach too?” I would never know.

A couple of rounds of car bingo and “I Spy” sufficed at times, but there was a bubbling in our core waiting to exploded with joy. We simply could not wait to smell the salty air, get a little toasty skin, and hit the waves. Back to the sound waves of mid-1980s rock would round out the journey. 

And finally we landed at our destination. The long waves of the sea mimicked the long journey and those long albums.


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