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These Bears Are On Me original painting bear


30×40 inches

acrylic on cradled wood panel

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To Good Times, Good Friends, and Good Salmon.

Transform your game room into a vibrant celebration with “These Bears Are On Me” original painting. This captivating painting features two exuberant, colorful bears tossing mugs of frothy beer high into the air, encapsulating a moment of pure, playful joy.

“These Bears Are On Me” isn’t just a painting; it’s a celebration of fun and friendship. Whether you’re hosting a game night or simply relaxing with friends, this artwork sets the perfect mood, inviting smiles and laughter. Its expressive detail and bold color palette will resonate with anyone who appreciates the joy of good times and good company.

Bring home “These Bears Are On Me” and let these delightful bears add a splash of color and cheer to your game room. Embrace the art of fun and make every gathering a festive occasion with this unique, original painting. Secure your piece of this joyful moment today!

Key Features:

  • Expressive Artistry: Each brushstroke bursts with energy, capturing the spirited personalities of the bears and the dynamic motion of their playful antics.
  • Vivid Colors: A riot of hues brings the scene to life, with bold blues, radiant reds, and sunny yellows creating a visually stunning spectacle that will brighten any room.
  • High-Quality Materials: Created with premium acrylic paints on a 1.5 inch cradled wood panel, ensuring longevity and a professional finish that stands out.
  • Unique Composition: The juxtaposition of whimsical characters with the rustic charm of beer mugs adds a delightful twist, making it a conversation starter and a focal point in your space.
  • Dimensions: Perfectly sized to fit above a bar or game table, enhancing your decor with a touch of lively, artistic fun.
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 1.5 in


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