Second Nature


acrylic and latex paint on hardwood panel

23.75 x 23.75 inches

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This painting is one from my series, “Universal Secrets”. I have long been fascinated by the idiosyncrasies and behavior of animals. I have always believed there are secrets and a lot more going on among animals than humans can comprehend. Similar to other secrets of the universe like how the pyramids were actually constructed. We have science to back some theories, but really no one except the ones that actually constructed it know. As well, only the bear truly knows what is in it’s head and what it is thinking.

The multi-colored drips are layered on top of each other to create visual texture and actual texture like the layers of mysteries behind the animal kingdom. The pyramid shapes beckon the beginning of human’s understanding of the world. All of these secrets surrounded by more mysteries of the universe represented by the dark black background. Waiting to be discovered.

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