Nocturnal Phases opossum portrait painting

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oil and metal leaf on hand constructed cradled wood panel

36 x 24 inches

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The only marsupial found north of Mexico. Feared often and even hated, yet this astounding survivor has been around for over 70 million years. Tackling ticks, Lyme disease, and snake venom, the opossum truly gets a bad rap for simply existing so let’s recognize one of earth’s amazing creatures.

Nocturnal Phases celebrates the opossum. The hills and valleys of the high texture metaphorically chronicle the subjects life while the bold color evokes the opossum’s persistence to survive. The gold leaf background iconizes the opossum and raises it to saint status to be praised and respected. All of these elements represent how sacred the opossum’s existence is.

Did you know? Possums have no control over when they play dead or for how long they do it: The comatose-like state is an involuntary reaction triggered by stress.



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