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I Donut Wanna Grow Up donut bat painting


acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

12×24 inches

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Mr. Waits said it best and Ramones paid blitzkrieg homage when they belted:
“I’m gonna put a hole in my TV set
I donut wanna grow up
Open up the medicine chest
And I donut wanna grow up”
This painting is my own humorous homage to this badass song. I always took the song as a reference to staying young at heart, later realizing it’s deeper meaning of non-conformity.
The youngest of 3, I am 5 years younger than my brother and 8 years younger than my sister. The differences in age certainly waned as we all got older, but at 10 years old, I remember crying to my mom about how much I wanted to be a “grown up”. I tried so hard to live vicariously through my brother and sister.
As I got older and now a father myself, I find myself looking back on those days through my own kid and finding my stay-young attitude. So stay young at heart and eat a donut today.

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Dimensions 12 × .5 × 24 in


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