Baldwin Dogs of Athens 6


9×12 inches

acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

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Baldwin. Lover of: Greenies, fried eggs, and berries and is an excellent pre-washer of dishes before they are loaded into the dishwasher. We think he may be part hound because he greets us with exuberant howls when we get home.

From Baldwin’s human: “When he gets excited, or when he goes outside and there’s snow, he does “zoomies” and races around in large circles as if he’s running on a track. We were fostering him and two siblings and the other two were adopted before him. He stayed with us a little longer and before we knew it he was our “foster failure.” We continued to foster more puppies and he seemed to enjoy taking them under his wing like a big brother. We think he also may have some border collie in him because he needs everyone to be in the same area. If someone is upstairs and someone is downstairs, he will post himself on the landing between the two floors and go up and down to check in periodically. He is very responsive to babies waking up from naps. He usually alerts me even before the baby monitor by whining outside the door and then rushes in when it is opened to greet the baby.”


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