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Alouette – Dogs of Athens 20


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9×12 inches

acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

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Alouette. Because she has so few teeth, her tongue always sticks out of her mouth, making her look happy all the time. P.S. She drinks a lot of water!

From Alouette’s human: “Alouette inspires a new jingle about cuteness and love every day. Found as a wandering stray, pregnant, half dead, trying to cross an interstate intersection, Alouette is lucky to be alive. I pray that God blesses whoever was kind enough to scoop her up and take her to MOAS. Maybe more importantly, I have Shayne to thank for posting her photo on FB. Alouette has no lower jaw, only a total of six teeth – two on top on each side, one on each side on bottom, so at least she can eat. Having been a stray for a while, she is not a picky eater and has the digestive system of a fox. For a number of reasons, the vets and I suspect she was an over-bred puppy mill mother of tiny dogs. She was in such bad shape when she was found, MOAS approximated her age to be 12, but since then, vets have determined she is quite a bit younger. On her 4th anniversary with me, we will count her as 10 years old. She is the sweetest, cutest lovey dovey I’ve ever met!”


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