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  • Fowl Clutter Original Oil PaintingFowl Clutter In Situ Animal Artist Art Painting Chicken Rooster Will Eskridge Athens Ga Lighting Art

    Fowl Clutter original oil painting

    oil on wood panel 48x32"Add to cart
  • Custom Pet PortraitsYorkshire Terrier Yorkie Contemporary Pet Portrait Animal Artist Dog Painting Athens Georgia Will Eskridge

    Custom Pet Portraits

    Full Size/Prices Painted Color Backgrounds: Small: 9x12" --- 500 Medium: 12x16" --- 900 Large: 16x20" --- 1500 Extra Large: 18x24" ---2000 Full Size/Prices Gold Leaf Backgrounds: Small: 9x12" --- 600 Medium: 12x16" --- 1000 Large: 16x20" --- 1800 Extra Large: 18x24" ---2500 IMPORTANT: Payment is for 1st installment only. 2nd installment to be paid when portrait is completed. All portraits are painted from your photos. Please send well-lit and in-focus photos here. (Headshots are must!)Select options
  • Oreamnos Phases

    Oreamnos Phases

    8 x 10 inches cyanotype photogram on paperAdd to cart
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