Fangs for the Memories

Fangs. A primal, menacing structure, eliciting a visceral response. Is the response nature or nurture? Fangs are a weapon and tool of many a carnivore and, surprisingly, a handful of herbivores like fruit bats, the hippopotamus, and various deer. My childhood fascination with fangs can be traced back to Hollywood’s wide spanning depictions of vampires, werewolves, and an array of “psycho” animals. Halloween catapults fangs even further as a pop culture icon with the simple and alluring imagery of two triangle shapes peaking down from a smile.

Fangs are the hallmark of evil and yet somehow the paramount of cuteness in a cheerful overbite. It is the approach and intention. Demonized in one realm and praised in another. Memories of a childhood dog bite are intermixed with recollections of plastic facsimiles in a Dracula costume on All Hallow’s Eve.

What does humanity consider evil: The sugary desserts that we created or the animal birthed by nature? In Fangs for the Memories, I explore the dichotomy of fangs as curses and blessings. The intense colors, stark contrasts, and surreal compositions all convey the ferocity of nature and the fangs’ paradoxical allure. Through the series, I invite the viewer to confront these fears with humor, bold color, and a dash of fun childhood nostalgia.

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