Desserted Deserts

The series features paintings of desert landscapes complete with classic Eskridge offbeat animals including bats, opossums, and raccoons. To be sure, the motley crew of animals are juxtaposed with fun-loving late night desserts hovering above like Fructose Encounters of the Third Kind.

Desserted Deserts is a celebration of the american desert of which my father took me and my family to visit a handful of times. These paintings are past, present, and future as I explore these new waters without my father. My father passed last year while creating my last series, “Roughs in the Diamond”. This had a profound effect on my life and work.

I decidedly side-step from animal portraiture to pull back a bigger scene while still continuing my love of misunderstood animals. This series is a nod to my father’s humor, those wonderful trips we took, and my own sense of being a loner similar to these animals.

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