Confectionery Outcasts

Taking a fun and humorous approach, Will wants viewers to see the humor in the pieces in hopes to inspire them to view these animals in a positive manner. Many of the pieces have punny rock n roll titles, such as “We Sold Our Souls for Cinnamon Rolls” and “I Donut Wanna Grow Up”. The saints and sinners concept in Eskridge’s work beckons the passion and underdog nature of rock n roll. Eskridge states, “Being shunned by society, bats and snakes are some of the most rock n roll animals ever.”

Going deeper, the series is a celebration of these feared and stigmatized animals while exploring what we perceive as good and evil. Through myths and folklore, these wonderful creatures have been maligned and treated like yesterday’s garbage by society. Eskridge hopes to change these perceptions through his paintings. “If we would just take the time to admire them instead of fearing and thus ousting them due to myths and misunderstandings, we would realize how beautiful and important these creatures truly are.” says Eskridge. The series is an extension of loving our neighbor and looking beyond prejudgement. “Now more than ever we could all use some ‘love thy neighbor’ attitude.”

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